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A hundred years ago, humanity made contact with its first alien civilization - or more to the point, they made contact with us. Before the arrival of the Centauri, we were confined to our own solar system, forced to use slow sleeper ships to explore the universe. The Centauri gave us the stars, offered us the use of their "jumpgates" -- portals into hyperspace -- and later, taught us to make our own. In exchange for this and other technologies, they asked only for trinkets, novelties to sell back home.

In the eighty years that followed, humanity flexed its muscles, expanding outward at a rapid pace. When a group of less powerful races was attacked by an invading army, Earth came to their aid, cementing its role as a major galactic power, if a young, brash one. The wave of euphoria came crashing down when humanity made contact with a mysterious race called the Minbari. The Earth-Minbari War began with a misunderstanding, a human captain and a Minbari commander too quick on the trigger. Thanks to bad luck or something darker, our first meeting with the Minbari resulted in the death of their supreme religious and political leader. To the Minbari, what followed was a holy war, vengeance for the murder of their spiritual leader. Earth was no match for the technologically superior Minbari, and they easily beat us back to our home planet. Then, without explanation, as their ships closed in on Earth and wiped out our last desperate defenses, the Minbari halted their advance and surrendered. Only an elite few knew why.
The Babylon Project was conceived in the aftermath of the war. Modeled after the United Nations, it would be a meeting place, neutral ground where the powers could meet and work out their differences peacefully.
The first three Babylon stations were sabotaged in mid-construction. The fourth was completed, but just as it was about to go online, it vanished without a trace. The Earth government would have stopped there, but some of the alien governments, seeing the value of a meeting ground, offered financial assistance for the construction of a fifth station. Naturally, there were strings attached.

Babylon 5 is the story of the last of the Babylon stations, the last hope for a galaxy without war. It begins in the year 2257 with the opening of the Babylon 5 station

1. The Story So Far (Season 1)

It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind, ten years after the Earth-Minbari War. The BABYLON project was a dream given form; its goal, to prevent another war by providing a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully. It's a port of call, home away from home for diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs, and wanderers. Humans and aliens wrapped in two million, five hundred thousand tons of spinning metal . . . . all alone in the night. It can be a dangerous place; but it's our last, best hope for peace. This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.

Babylon 5, a space station constructed with the hope of keeping the various races in the galaxy at peace, seems to function as it should for a while. In the first year of its operation, the station's Commander Sinclair discovers that he had been captured and interrogated in the Earth-Minbari war of a decade ago, only to have his memory erased for unknown reasons. The crew of B5 discover that the barren world below them is actually housing a vast underground complex of machinery, and the mystery of the disappearance of Babylon 4 is partly revealed: it had been taken through time by unknown forces to assist in a war in an unknown place and time. Behind the scenes, an ancient race, known only as The Shadows, is building its forces. Through Morden, a Human intermediary, the Shadows subtly begin working their influence on the galaxy by capitalizing on the desires of Centauri ambassador Londo Mollari to rebuild his fading empire. Londo lets his benefactors assist him by destroying a Narn outpost, thus reigniting conflict with the Narn Government. On that same day, the President of the Earth Alliance is killed in an explosion that few realize is really an assassination, and Delenn, the Minbari ambassador, activates a machine that will cause her to physically transform.

2. The Story So Far (Season 2)

Babylon 5's mission appears increasingly hopeless. After nearly two years of operation, everything is changing for the worse. Though Babylon 5's mission of peace continues, war appears to be imminent, and there is a dangerous new power in the galaxy that few even suspect exists. Amid the heightening tensions, the complex relationships among the major powers are shifting in unpredictable ways.

Days later, the original commander of the station, Sinclair, is reassigned, and Captain Sheridan takes command, unaware of the existance of the Shadows. The mystery of the Minbari surrender is finally revealed: The Minbari discovered that Minbari souls were being reborn in humans. Delenn emerges from a cocoon to appear nearly human; she claims she has done so to promote peace between the Humans and the Minbari. The situation on Earth is getting worse; covert forces are working in the background and the "Night Watch" program is stomping d own on dissidents; meanwhile, Sheridan reveals that he is part of an underground movement to gain control back from the corrupted government; he brings his trusted officers into the fold. On the eve of an historic speech that would have brought peace between the Narn and Centauri, Londo calls upon his unknown agents to attack a major Narn colony, starting a war. Ambassadors Kosh and Delenn reveal the existance of the Shadows behind the Centauri brutality; Sheridan is enlisted to help in an upcoming war against them; he takes it personally when he learns that the Shadows were likely responsible for the death of his wife five years ago when she travelled to a planet called Z'ha'dum. The Centauri, with the aid of the Shadows, terminate the war with the Narn decisively by bombing the Narn homeworld "into the stone ages." The Centauri soon begin annexing other worlds; the enigmatic Ambassador Kosh finally reveals himself, revealing that Vorlons appear to most races as angels; and a shadow ship has been caught on camera, undoing the secrecy that the shadows had been maintaining. The Great War is begun.


3. The Story For (Season 3)

Babylon 5 has failed in its mission. War has erupted, and is quickly pulling all the major races in. The station's original mission of peace may have failed, but it has become something greater: a chance for victory. The alliances formed are recent, though, and the players may not be ready to win the war. Meanwhile, the Earth goverment back home seems to have its own agenda, and will likely not be of any help in the fight against the darkness.

The Minbari give Sheridan a powerful new ship, the White Star, to command in the upcoming fight against the Shadows. Further corruption in Earth government is revealed when it is learned that the Shadows have been cooperating with certain individuals in government. The Earth alliance plunges into civil war as martial law is declared back home; Sheridan is forced to secede from Earth and is only able to keep the forces at bay with the help of the Minbari. The shadows begin attacking openly (and seemingly randomly); Sheridan builds an alliance among the many races by enlisting the help of the Vorlons, an act which results in the death of Ambassador Kosh. Sinclair returns to the station with a message from the past; with the help of the machinery on the planet below, The White Star takes Babylon 4 through time to assist in a war against the Shadows of 1000 years ago. Londo continues his ascension to power in the Centauri government, removing his political rival. Using a discovery that telepaths interfere with the functionality of Shadow Ships, Sheridan and Delenn organize their alliance in to a preemptive strike against the Shadows, celebrating a difficult victory. Sheridan's wife appears, returning from Z'ha'dum, the homeworld of the Shadows, and attempts to convince Sheridan that the shadows really aren't the bad guys; Sheridan rejects her plea when he discovers that her personality has been altered; instead, he rigs the White Star to crash onto and detonate a bomb on Z'ha'dum; Hearing the advice of Ambassador Kosh in his head, Sheridan jumps into an abyss below him just before the explosion; he is presumed dead. Immediately after the explosion, the shadow ships that had been threatening B5 dissapear, possibly returning home; one of the ships seems to have taken Garibaldi along with it.

The Great War is begun.


4. The Story For (Season 4)

Babylon 5 has failed in its original mission, yet has it done much more than was intended. A great war is underway against a powerful enemy that existed only in legends until a few years ago. Having seceded from its Earth government that once ran the station, Babylon 5 is now the center of activity of a great alliance among dozens of races to push back the forces of darkness. The alliance has recently found its first real victory, but at great expense; the fate of Babylon 5 and the surrounding governments hang in the balance.

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