"Urusai! Shi-ne!"

Sanzo-chan!! *swoons*

Real name --> Kouryu
Complete name --> 31th Toua Genjo Sanzo Houshi-sama *breaths*
Age --> 23
Birthday --> 29th November
Hair --> golden, like the sun*
Eyes --> amethist purple!!*** (Lirin calls him "seducing eyes"**)
Height --> 1,77 m
Weight --> 64 Kg
Bloodgroup --> A
Fights with --> the sutra of demoniacal sky, the shoureiju (a gun whose bullets can kill demons), the harisen (the famous almighty materializing-smaterializing white paper fan, which is most used for whack Goku and Gojyo than for fighting***)

Sanzo-chan!! I definitely love him!!** Isn't he so pretty?? *swoons*
*ehm* * anyway**
Sanzo is cold, tart, selfish, withdrawn, indifferent, violent, sharp, stubborn, proud, self-assured.* He gets annoyed and angry very easily, he doesn't show at all his feelings. He finds everyone irritating and threatens all the persons around with his gun, having no problems killing others, no matter youkais or humans.* He hardly trusts people and hates being in company: he prefers the solitude. He never cares for the others, he only thinks about himself. His favourite sentences are "Urusai" ("shut up"), "Shi-ne!" ("die!") and "I will kill you".* He drinks (lots of beer), smokes (is really a CHAINSMOKER), swears, likes gambling.
Did I say he's a monk?? A not a monk like the others: he's the top ranked monk of the buddhist grade. In fact, the persons who are assigned to keep one of the 5 sacred sutras of the Celestian origin are venerated from the others monks because they are the persons more close to God, and as signs of their condition they take the name "Sanzo", they have a scarlet chakra on their foreheads, they wear the long white robe (sometimes a crown too) and carry the sutra which they protect on their shoulders. Sanzo's one is the sutra of demoniacal sky.
Sanzo likes the silence so when Goku and Gojyo make noise (*pratically always*) he whacks them with his harisen (**where does he keep it? yes, it's a mistery that must be solved**), aims his gun at them and sometimes shoots*, or death-glares them (his death glare is really terrifying**). The only one who can speak with him without being threatened is Hakkai, in fact when they take double rooms at the inns, he shares it with Hakkai.
Anyway, when the situation needs it, Sanzo is a very good leader and takes the right decisions. And he's also full of money! (***he's really a man to marry***) He carries a credit card given by the Sanbutsushin (heavenly emissaries).

When he was a baby he was abandoned from his mother on a river. The monk Koumyo Sanzo Houshi found him and took care of him. So Sanzo spent his childhood at Kinzan temple. He was called with his kid name "Kouryu". Being Koumyo Sanzo's favourite disciple, and having a bad temper, the other monks hated him and used to call him "Kouryu from the river's current". Koumyo Sanzo's teachings were particular... he used to prefer fold orange paper and make airplanes than teaching.
Kouryu's intention wasn't to follow Buddhism way. He once said he didn't believe in God, but in himself, and he would have served forever Koumyo Sanzo, because this was his will. When Kouryu was 13 Koumyo passed him the title "Sanzo" (*this is how a Buddhaless and a godless like him became a Sanzo! Kouryu actually was contrary and protested with Koumyo because he didn't want to be a Sanzo*); but just that night some youkais attacked the temple to steal the sutras of sacred sky and demoniacal sky, kept by Koumyo, who died in order to protect Kouryu from the youkais. This fact left a deep scar inside Sanzo, a scar which causes him a dreadful pain that never goes away. This happened on a rainy night, that's because he hates the rain. Koumyo's last words were "Be strong, Genjo Sanzo." Sanzo actually thinks the name "Sanzo" is like a curse for his weakness. He lost the most precious thing he had, a thing he wanted to protect, and could do nothing for defend it. Since that day he trusted only himself and thought in this world you absolutely can't depend from others. This also explains why he never cares about his friends: he wants something which he hasn't to protect, and pays attention not to feel affection for them because he's feared by the possibilty of losing again someone important. But, even if he doesn't express it and will never admit it, he actually cares for them, especially Goku. (And my personal opinion is that without them he wouldn't find the strenght to live on.)
So, this is how Sanzo feels... he acts in this way because he's full of pain... no surprise he always looks depressed in every pic you see. Also think he's the only human amongs 3 demons...