Kanzeon Bosatsu

Yes I can't stand Kanzeon, and not just because she kissed Gojyo and Sanzo (*envy envy*)** it's her behaviour... she's exalted, eccentric and narcisistic. That's because she's the goddes of mercy (in reality it's a GOD!!) and pratically almighty. She likes repeating she's very powerful and nothing is impossible for her.**
She likes Sanzo (as she liked Konzen), once she said he's very tender. She suffer the boreness of life (*but less than her nephew*), for this she likes the human beings, she says they're interesting because they keep on changing. For passing the time in Tenkai she reads the newspaper, plays Japanese chess with Jiroushin (the god who's her "assistant") or looks at the 4 travellers. She decided to set them on this journey mainly for have fun, in fact she could make them fly to Houtou castle (they would arrive more, more soon) but of course she wants them to go on the jeep, in this way the journey will last more and she'll have more fun. Once she said she chose those 4 because they live from hand to mouth. She considers the group "a heap of random parts kept together in some way".

Seiyuu --> Misa Watanabe

    Gyokumen Koshu

Gyokumen... the empress! She's a greedy and possessive demoness who wants to resurrect her husband Gyuumaou (a youkai who refused that youkais would have lived with humans and was sealed 500 years ago by Nataku, the god of war), and no matter if this means the world's end!! She only wants her love Gyuumaou and treats her daughter like an item to reach her goal, she doesn't love her at all. She keeps sealed Rasetsunyo (Gyuumaou's first wife and Kou's mother) to force Kou work under her. She often moans with Kou because he hasn't killed yet the Sanzo-ikkou and teases him. She sleeps with Ni.**

Seiyuu --> Shinobu Satou

    Ni Jyeni

Ni is a crazy scientist who works under Gyokumen. He's a mysterious and very strange man who cares only for a bunny doll which he always carries with him and considers his best friend. It seems nothing is important to him, only his amusement and his work. He has an annoying tender, he always has a wicked grin and likes tease others, especially Kou. And he's always smoking. He's helped by a woman, professor Fan.

    Chin Iisou

Please stop blaming me for liking Chin... yes he's the cause of all Hakkai's troubles and doesn't make anything but send shikigamis against Sanzo and the others, but hey I like him... must be the 2 small sticks he always has in his mouth, his evil laugh or his so long blue-gray hair. Anyway, he's the son of Hyakuganmaou, the youkai who raped Kanan (Hakkai's sister) and made Hakkai become a youkai. Hakkai (Gono at that time) was deperated, he had just seen Kanan killing herself in fron of his eyes. Chin said it was better in this way because she wouldn't have suffered more, so Gono, totally furious, killed him. But Chin didn't die completely, he used a mah-jong tile with the kanji "life" on it, and turned his own body into a shikigami. He wants to have his revenge. He doesn't want to kill Hakkai, but psychologically destroy him. When they meet again, Chin presents himself as a fortune teller whose tools are Mah-jong tiles. In reality he uses the tiles to create his shikigamis. At the end, Hakkai kills him taking out from his body the tile with the kanji "life".