Birthday --> 6th January
Hair --> red
Eyes --> light blue, but sometimes red or lilac*
Height --> 1,74 m
Weight --> 65 Kg
Bloodgroup --> A

Kou is the son of Gyuumaou. He works under his stepmother Gyokumen Koshu in order to free his real mother Rasetsunyo, who Gyokumen keeps sealed in a stone column. He doens't agree with Gyokumen's project but for his mother's freedom he'd do anything, put the world into chaos too. Knowing executing Gyokumen's orders is not a right thing, he often has rethoughts about the path he's following. But in the end he always ends up thinking he has to fight for his mother. He wears triangular earrings like his mother to remember himself his promise. Kou cares very much for his friends and his halfsister, and has a great sense of honour; he respects Sanzo and the others thinking he has never met persons like them before. He's a charismatic figure to his subordinates, and, I think, he likes Yaone.** He's very strong, he uses fire attacks.



Birthday --> 28th January
Hair --> purple
Eyes --> brown
Height --> 1,73 m
Weight --> 53 Kg
Bloodgroup --> AB

Yaone is a female youkai. She was a skilled medicinals seller but due to her beauty she was chosen as offer to Hyakuganmaou. Kou saved her, so since that moment she works under him as alchemist. She has a crush on Kou (**and I think he feels the same, but doesn't want to show!**) and would do anything for him. She respects Hakkai very much, she has a tender similar to his, being calm and polite. She fights with a spear, but she can use bombs and explosives too.



Birthday --> 13th May
Hair --> black
Eyes --> black
Height --> 1,89 m
Weight --> 81 Kg
Seiyuu --> Dai Matsumoto

His real name is Sha Jien and he's Gojyo's halfbrother. He used to care very much about his little brother. When Gojyo's mother (the lover of Doku's father) tried to kill Gojyo, Doku killed her and for this he was banished by the village. He reached Kou's castle and Kou received him without asking questions, so Doku decided to leave his life in his hands. He's devoted to him and once told him no matter which way he'll choose, he'll always be by his side. In the fights he uses a sword.



Birthday --> 5th August
Hair --> orange
Eyes --> green
Height --> 1,38 m
Weight --> 43 Kg
Seiyuu --> Kaoru Morota

The daughter of Gyokumen Koshu, and Kou's halfsister. She's just like Goku: playful, childish, loud. Gojyo and Hakkai say she's the female version of Goku. She is very close to her elder brother and the others, also because her mother doesn't love her, and treats her only as something necessary for resurrecting Gyuumaou. Once Lirin asked Yaone if Kou's mother would love her, because she thinks her real mother hates her. Lirin likes Sanzo, she calls him "seducing eyes" and always wants to play with him (just to receive threatens of death*).