"Maa, maa, yare yare desu ne!"

the mysterious monocled man**

Real name --> Cho Gono
Age --> 22
Birthday --> 21th September
Hair --> dark brown
Eyes --> emerald green
Height --> 1,81 m
Weight --> 69 Kg
Bloodgroup --> AB
Fights with --> the ki (interior strenght) and the smile^^

Hakkai is the typical big brother. He cares very much for the others, even for the enemies; he takes care of Goku like a parent, is best friend with Gojyo and the only one who talks with Sanzo without being threatened of death.^^ When he fights he uses the ki to make lightning powerful attacks, but usual prefers defend himself than attack. He uses the ki also to heal the wounds (*it's he who heals Sanzo*). He's also the owner and the driver of the dragon-jeep Hakuryu. He's quiet, polite, intelligent, calm and is always smiling, in the desperated situations too! It's always he who calms down Goku and Gojyo quarrelling or stops Sanzo from killing them.**** But his smile is only a cover.

Hakkai was original a human called Cho Gono. He grew up in an orphanage, and was a very lonely child whose only company were the books. Then he fell in love with a girl, just to discover she was his lost sister Kanan! But they didn't care about being brothers and went living together, loving each other. Gono used to work as a teacher. One day, while Gono is at school, some youkais come to the village and kidnap Kanan, to offer her to the youkai Hyakuganmaou. When he finds out what happened, Gono goes immediatly to Hyakuganmaou's castle and massacrates all the youkais in it. He finds Kanan in a dungeon, but when he tells her "Come. We go back home now." she takes his knife and kills herself saying she loves him, but inside her there is the child of that monster. Gono is completely shocked. At that point Chin Iisou, the son of Hyakuganmaou, appeares. Chin didn't think only a human could kill all his tribe, and says he knows an interessant thing... if a human bathes in 1000 youkais' blood he becomes a youkai too. Chin wounds Gono in the belly, dropping his blood on him... and, yes, Chin is the 1000th youkai! So Gono, now a youkai, doesn't loose time and kills Chin.
Then, wearing a controller on his ear, he leaves the castle, but faints on the road under the rain. Gojyo, coming home from a poker-play, finds him. He smiles at Gojyo before falling unconcious... Gojyo takes him to his home and nurses him, so they become friends. One evening, feeling ok now, Gono decides it's the moment to leave Gojyo, but before going he tells him all about the massacre he's made, and also that he is ready to pay for all his crime, but before he absolutely has a thing to do. Gono is going, but in that moment Sanzo and Goku arrive to Gojyo's house to arrest the assassin Cho Gono. Gojyo lies to Sanzo to protect Gono. There's a fight between all the 4, at the end Gono escape with Sanzo's gun. What he has to do is taking back Kanan's body from Hyakuganmaou's castle.
He's heading there, but on the road he finds a youkai escaped from his fury, who wants revenge. Gono says no problems, he doesn't care at all about his life, so he'll give him the right eye, then the other, the ears, the nose... and he rips out his right eye (*that's because he wears a monocle*). But Goku, Gojyo and Sanzo stop him, so he kills the youkai. They next arrive to Hyakuganmaou's castle, just to find out it's all burned down, nothing is remained. Gono is desperated: he couldn't save Kanan neither this time. So he goes with Sanzo to the Sanbutsushin, but thanks to Sanzo, instead of being punished he is given the chance to begin a new life with the name "Hakkai"!

For all what it happened, Hakkai feels a BIG sense of guilty, even more bigger than Gojyo's. He can't forgive himself for not having been at home that day to protect Kanan, and for having killed all those youkais. He smiles, but behind the smile there's all the anguish and the pain of his past. He thinks he will never be able to huge someone again because his hands are stained with the blood of all the people he's killed. For this, he's very close to Gojyo, living the same feeling of guilty.

Hakkai likes reading and playing cards or mah-jong... he's the best gambler you've ever seen! He ALWAYS wins, no matter which game you choose!