"Nee, hara-hetta, hara-hetta, hara-hetta!"
"Kono ero kappa!"

tender Goku!*

True form --> Seiten Taisen
Age --> 18
Birthday --> 5th April
Hair --> brown
Eyes --> golden!
Height --> 1,62 m (*same as me*)
Weight --> 51 Kg
Bloodgroup --> 0
Fights with --> the Nyoibou (a rod which can grow longer and shorter to his will)

Even if he's almost 500 years old, Goku is the kid of the group! He's playful, energetic, optimistic, happy-go-lucky, tender, innocent, loud, joyful, curious, spontaneous. He's always hungry, he eats a lot... when they go to a restaurant he takes all the food they offer!

In reality, Goku is a being who isn't a human neither a youkai; something much less a kami. He's called "Seiten Taisen" (=Great sage equal to heaven) and is the symbol of chaos. He also has golden eyes, and the person with golden eyes are considered heretic, takers of great misfortune, really much more than the half-youkais.
Goku was born 500 years ago on the top of a mountain, from a stone which collected the essence of Earth and sky. He spent his childhood in Tenkai, with Konzen, Kenren and Tenpou (Sanzo, Gojyo and Hakkai in their previous lives), but then was imprisoned under the Gogyou mountain for a bad crime he committed (I think, he killed lots of persons and even his friends), with his memory erased as punishment. He remained there 500 years, completely alone, without eating or drinking (in fact, Sanzo says Goku is always hungry because he didn't eat for 500 years, so now he's trying to make up for it!). It's in that prison that Sanzo finds him. Goku was screaming because one bird, which used to fly on the cell, died, so Goku went very sad. Sanzo heard him and, very annoyed, promised himself he would surely have killed the screaming person whoever it was. But as he looked in Goku's eyes, he felt he couldn't kill him, so he freed him and told him to come with him. For this, Goku is very close and protective towards Sanzo, he considers him his sun, the person who let him out of the darkness and showed him the light he wanted to reach for so long, like a ray of light himself. Even if Sanzo whacks him costantly with his harisen and treats him icily.**

Goku can mantain his human form thanks to the golden diadem on his head. When he takes it out, he returns Seiten Taisen; in this form, he's extremely strong and very dangerous, because he doesn't recognize friends or enemies. He only kills everyone in front of him, enjoying it very much. The golden diadem is the materialization of a great divine power, only a god can create it. This gives the idea of Goku's great power... in his normal form he's sooo strong too, but often he doesn't realize it so he doesn't contain his strenght!

He can seem a brat, but go on, look behind his behaviour: he's a very lonely child, been alone for a so long time. He desperately wants affection and attention, but would never admit it. His friends are all what he has...
So this is why he sometimes acts very childish. He is very feared by the possibilty of being alone again, in fact when Sanzo's life is in danger, he loses his mind. Hakkai once teaches him that he shouldn't lean only on Sanzo, he has to learn to stand up by himself. Goku understands and answers he'll become strong, for Sanzo, for the others but especially for himself.

Apart eating, moaning, eating, ask Hakkai "Aren't we there yet??", eating, eating and obviously eating, Goku likes very much figthing, he's happy when he finds a strong opponent. He also likes picking fights with Gojyo, who obviously fights back (*being more childish than Goku*)! Then the 2 are shut up by Sanzo's fan or gun.*