"Women... sake... cigarettes..."
"Kono baka saru!"

sexy Gojyo*

Age --> 22
Birthday --> 9th November
Hair --> crimson
Eyes --> crimson*
Height --> 1,84 m
Weight --> 75 Kg
Bloodgroup --> B
Fights with --> the shakujo (a scythe with a very long chain attached to the blade), but is also very good in physical fightings

This straightforward, sincere, playful, happy and sometimes superficial bishounen isn't a youkai, but an half-youkai: in fact his mother was a human and his father a youkai. This is why he doesn't need to wear a controller and has crimson hair and eyes (to mark him as the result of a prohibited relationship). It is said the children with crimson hair take great misfortune. Because of this, his mother hated him and used to cry every time she looked at him. The child of course didn't understand why; but even if he went on loving his mother, she totally became mad and she almost killed him, making the 2 scars on his cheek. Gojyo was saved by his elder brother (a full youkai!) Jien, who killed his mother and for this was banished from the tribe. Jien, now, is called Dokugakuji and works for Kou.

This bad past has left ineffaceable signs in Gojyo. He's very ashamed of it and obsessed by the color of his hair which remembers him what he is and what his mother tried to do with him. He feels a great sense of guilty, for what he is and for the love he couldn't obtain. He thinks the crimson of his hair is the color of punishment and of blood. He left his hair grow up just to cover the scars on his face, and covers his great pain with his spiteful smile, his I'm-a-super-cool behaviour and the cigarettes... he's always smoking* (**And that's bad 'cause smoking ruin your health**). This aspect of his personality makes him vulnerable, I think.

However, Gojyo is a carefree person, and likes very much enjoying himself with his friends, for whom he deeply cares. His favourite occupation is seduce women (*he's really a womanizer*) and argue and fight with Goku, especially at luchtime.* Goku calls him "ero kappa" or "gokiburi", and teases him because, even if he's a river youkai, he can't swim! He doesn't bear Sanzo (of course, they are the opposite) and is very close to Hakkai... they're best friends! He found Hakkai (Gono at that time) half-dead on the ground, and nursed him. When Sanzo came to Gojyo's house looking for the assassin Cho Gono, Gojyo helped him to escape, and then tried to save him. He reacted badly when Sanzo told him Gono was dead...
Gojyo and Hakkai share the same sense of guilty, and they were living together, before setting on this journey.

Gojyo likes very much gambling, it's his work! He usually wins at poker and mah-jong, he was the best gambler until Sanzo and especially Hakkai came in his life!