Yoroshiku Na. Onizuka Eikichi

A legendary motorcycle gangster, our hero Onizuka Eikichi is the teacher of class 3-4 at Tokyo Kissho Academy. He currently resides in the school, and in his spare time he enjoys pornography, cosplay, riding motorcycles, videogames, and surfing the internet. Onizuka is a 2nd degree black belt in Karate. His favorite words include 'Gu-re-e-to' (Great) and 'Po-ri-shii' (Policy). Onizuka isn't the smartest guy, but he did go to college. Although he went to one of the worst Universities in Japan, he did go. Onizuka is currently single, but is somewhat involved with Fuyutsuki Azusa. His original reason for becoming a teacher was to pick up girls, but now that he's a Junior High school teacher, he intends to become a 'Great Teacher'.
  Danma Ryuji

Danma Ryuji is Onizuka's closest friend. Ryuji, like Onizuka, is a legendary gangster. Whenever Onizuka needs a smack in the head, Ryuji is there to give it to him. Ryuji is making a living fixing motorcycles, and treats Onizuka like a brother. If Onizuka needs to bring his gang out for any reason, Ryuji is there for him, despite how unwilling he might be.
Yoroshiku Ne~! Fuyutsuki Azusa

Fuyutsuki is Onizuka's love interest. So far they haven't officially hooked up, but there's definitely sparks flying. In contrast to Onizuka, she graduated from one of Japan's best schools. She is well liked by most of the students, especially the boys. Fuyutsuki's role is often to be the anti-Onizuka. She is currently unaware of it, but she is being stalked by another teacher, Teshigawara Suguru.
ONIIIZUUUKAAA~! Uchiyamada Hiroshi

Uchiyamada is the head Dean at Tokyo Kissho Academy. He is almost always referred to as 'Kyoutou' (Head dean). He's a really uptight stereotypical old Japanese man. He's quite the pervert, and often molests women on trains and buses. He considers Onizuka to be his arch-enemy, as Onizuka has destroyed his beloved Cresta, (A Toyota car model not released in the U.S) either directly or indirectly multiple times. Not just that, but Onizuka's unorthodox teaching methods simply make his job harder. Kyoutou has quite a few domestic problems. He gets no respect from his family, not even his dog, and his wife may be having an affair.
I'm counting on you Onizuka. Sakurai Ryoko

Sakurai Ryoko is the woman in charge at Tokyo Kissho Academy. She's not exactly a Principal since it is a private school, but more like a 'Chairlady'. She is the reason that Onizuka is allowed to teach at the school and get away with his antics. Ryoko believes Onizuka is truly a great teacher who cares about his students, and she is usually the first one to back him. Had it not been for her, Uchiyamada would have gotten rid of Onizuka the first day.
... Kanzaki Urumi

Hell hath no fury like Kanzaki Urumi. Urumi is a genius with an IQ of 200. Her appearance alone makes her an interesting character. She has natural blonde hair, her right eye is blue, and her left eye is brown. She is fluent in multiple languages, including Japanese, French, Mandarin Chinese, and English. Ever since being betrayed by her teacher in Elementary School, she has been causing 'JyuGyou Tero' (Class terror). She has targeted teachers, screwing with their minds, or physically hurting them. She has successfully forced many teachers to quit. Anyone else who gets in her way faces her wrath as well. She had long since stopped going to school, but was called in by Aizawa Miyabi to get rid of Onizuka. Urumi's dark secret is her one soft spot.
Pikorin~! Nomura Tomoko

Nomura Tomoko is most often reffered to as 'Toroko'. Toroko is a play on the word 'Toroi' meaning 'slow' or 'stupid' and Tomoko's name. Of course, Toroko really is slow, so she doesn't mind being called 'slow girl'. Toroko is a typical cutesy girl, and she can be a real airhead. She is very innocent and easily influenced. Toroko is often made fun of by girls for her large breasts (She wears a F cup!). Toroko's favorite foods are Miso Ramen (Chinese style noodles with a Miso soup base) and Takoyaki (Fried octopus balls). Her trademark phrase is 'Pikorin!', which is equivalent to the American 'Ding Dong!' doorbell sound. She dreams of one day becoming the most famous idol in Japan.