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Episode One: Angel Attack

It's the year 2015, and over half the world's population has perished due to the attacks of huge entities called 'Angels'. To combat Angels, NERV, a top secret organisation reporting directly to the UN, has created mankind's ultimate fighting machines, synthetic life forms known as Evangelions. Only a few teenagers are capable of piloting an Evangelion, for a start they have to be born exactly nine months after the Angels' first attack. It's a dangerous job, and Rei Ayanami, the pilot of the first Evangelion -Unit 00 - is living proof! Commander of NERV, the mysterious and ruthless Gendo Ikari, requests his son, Shinji Ikari pilot Evangelion - Unit One. Misato Katsuragi, the attractive Operations Manager of NERV (also responsible for NERV's battle operations) is ordered to bring Shinji to Tokyo-3. After much hesitation, Shinji eventually agrees to pilot Evangelion Unit One. He forms a cerebral-link with Evangelion and the giant robot, with Shinji inside, is launched. With desperate urgency, Shinji trys to control the EVA in its battle against an attacking Angel. All the time, Misato is developing a growing fondness for Shinji.

Episode Two: The Beast

Shinji struggles to learn how to control the Evangelion. The Angel takes advantage of the situation and badly damages the Evangelion. Shinji wakes up in a hospital bed. He has nowhere else to stay in Tokyo-3 so Misato insists that he live with her. Shinji, although apprehensive, moves into her apartment. He finds it messy with the fridge full of beer. Misato welcomes Shinji with a small party, just the two of them. After dinner, he's shocked to discover she has a pet penguin, named Pen-pen. It's later revealed that after Shinji lost synchronisation with the Evangelion, it repaired itself and by its own ability, was able to break through the Angel's Absolute Terror field (AT-field) and cause the Angel to self-destruct. Misato tells Shinji, he's a hero.

Episode Three: A Transfer

Shinji seems half-hearted about his Eva pilot training and seems to be a loner. Ritsuko Akagi, the head scientist for the Evangelion Project, tells Misato that it's the Hedgehog dilemma, that is, the closer Hedgehogs get to each other the more they hurt each other, likewise some people don't want to enter into relationships because they may get hurt. Shinji hasn't made any friends at his new school and goes unnoticed until his classmates find out he's an Eva pilot. Not everyone is impressed though. Suzuhara Touji whose sister was injured during the last battle between Eva and an Angel, bashes Shinji. That same day the third Angel attacks. Everyone seeks protection in underground shelters. Aida Kensuke and his friend Touji want to see the looming battle so they escape above ground. They manage to see the battle only too well, getting so close that Shinji has to rescue them by letting them into the cockpit of the Eva. Suzuhara comes to understand the enormous strain placed upon Shinji. Suzuhara wants to apologise to Shinji for hitting him.

Episode Four: Hedgehog's Dilemma

It seems the 'Hedgehog Dilemma' may be applicable to Shinji for the pressure becomes too much and he runs away from 'home'. He catches a train and tries to gather his thoughts together. He somehow meets up with Kensuke who is camping. The NERV security people catch up with Shinji and take him back to NERV Headquarters. While Misato scolded Shinji for disobeying her commands, this time she only tells him that he has the wrong attitude and that if he tries to pilot with that kind of attitude, an Eva will surely kill him. Later Misato is more direct and says that if he doesn't want to pilot an Eva, he can just leave. Which is what he does. Touji and Kensuke are there at the train station to wish him good luck. Touji tells Shinji to punch him to equal the score. Shinji obliges with a good hit to Touji's head. The government train to take Shinji away comes and goes, but Shinji doesn't board it. Misato, who had sped there in her car to see him off, can't believe her eyes. It appears Shinji is prepared to stay and fight.

Episode Five: Rei- Beyond her Heart

The episode starts 22 days before with Rei Anyami testing EVA 0.0. The test had to be aborted when something went wrong in the third phase. The EVA eventually went out of control smashing the protective glass of the control room. Fortunately, Rei ejected out of the EVA. Commander Okari was so concerned about Rei, he burnt his hands while opening the capsule door of the emergency plug. Okari's great affection for Rei, is making his son, Shinji, suspicious. Ritsuko suspects the EVA test failed because of Rei's lack of 'mental stability.' During the forenzic examination of the 4th Angel, it was discovered that 99.89% of its genetic material is the same as humans. Shinji is increasingly interested in fellow EVA pilot, the mysterious and solitary Rei. Shinji who is by nature a shy boy, goes to her apartment to deliver her new security card. He becomes hugely embarrassed when he falls on top of her just after she's gotten out of the shower! A new Angel flies into Tokyo. Commander Okari won't permit Rei to pilot EVA 0.0, as he believes she isn't ready, instead Shinji is sent in his EVA. During the short battle that follows, this latest Angel (the 5th) emits a powerful ray which burns through the EVA and causes Shinji to black-out.

Episode Six: Showdown in Tokyo 3

The fifth Angel is very powerful. It destroys anything which comes within its range. Misato has the idea of using the 'Positron' cannon, a prototype weapon, to focus a narrow beam of high-energy onto the Angel. It would have to be fired by an EVA from a 'safe' distance. Meanwhile the Angel is drilling into NERV Headquarters, right through all the protective plates. Rei brings Shinji a meal in hospital. She also tells him the battle plan, despite Shinji not wanting to pilot the EVA. Rei doesn't mind piloting because as she says, she's 'bonded with the EVA and to all people...she has nothing else'. With Rei in her EVA protecting Shinji in his, all the electrical power in Japan is diverted to power the Automatic Positron Cannon which Shinji fires. Just moments before the Angel finally drills through NERV Headquarters, the Angel activates its AT Field and starts blasting Rei in her EVA. Her shield can only last for 17 seconds, meanwhile Shinji must reload and wait for the barrel to cool. Shinji fires again and this time destroys the Angel. Shinji opens EVA 0.0's emergency plug and with tears in his eyes, tells Rei he is saddened when he hears her say she 'has nothing else'. At last, Shinji makes Rei smile.

Episode Seven: The Human Creation

Shinji learns that the second impact was an international cover-up. The UN said at the time that a meteorite was the reason for the Antarctic melting, but Ritsuko tells Shinji it was in actual fact an Angel which mysteriously exploded. Shinji is also told that NERVs sole aim is to prevent a probable Third Impact.

NERV isn't the only organisation building sophistcated robots to battle the Angels. A private organisation has made the JA (Jet Alone). When Ritsuko and Misato attend an official demonstration, the huge machine goes out of control, with its nuclear reactor soon to melt-down. Misato believes she can enter the JA unit and manually override the computer. After much hesitation, she is told the computer code, 'HOPE'. With Shinji piloting the EVA, Misato is placed into the massive JA. It appears that the code she was given was incorrect. However at the last moment, a disaster is averted and the JA is shut down. People think it's a miracle, but Misato isn't so sure, she believes it was a set-up.

As Misato is Shinji's guardian, she attends Shinji's Parent and Teacher meeting. Shinji's friends can't believe how lucky he is to have someone so attractive as a guardian. They tell Shinji that Misato shows him a side of her that she'd never let anyone else see.

Episode Eight: Asuka Strikes!

Misato takes Shinji and his two friends (Suzuhara Touji and Aida Kensuke) by helicopter to the UN South Pacific Fleet. On board the lead ship, Misato has an argument with the Admiral. He won't releae the new Evangelion until it's delivered to the port at New Yokosuka. He refers to the EVA as a 'Child's plaything!' which doesn't please Misato. We first meet Asuka (pronounced 'Oskar') Langley, the head-strong, wild-spirited 14 year old pilot of EVA-02.

We also meet Ryoji Kaji who not only has a key role in delivering the latest EVA but he also seems to have had some sort of affair with Misato, the reminding of which causes her great embarrassment!

A sea-based Angel suddenly attacks the fleet. Because of its AT-Field, conventional weapons are useless. At the insistence of Asuka, both she and Shinji get into the cockpit of the EVA -02 to attack the Angel. Unfortunately the EVA-02 uses type B equipment which can't operate underwater. Due to a risky plan by Misato succeeding, the Angel is finally defeated. Misato thinks the Angel was attracted to the Evangelion, however we subsequently discover that Ryoji was really delivering the frozen, but still alive, ancestor of humanity called 'ADAM' to Commander Ikari.

The episode ends with Asuka attending the same school as Shinji.

Episode Nine: Both of You, Dance like you want to win

Asuka quickly becomes the most popular girl at school. At NERV Headquarters, passions are also aroused with Kaji first seducing Ritsuko, then Misato!

Despite wanting to attack the 7th Angel by herself, Asuka (and Shinji) are both defeated by the Angel, after it formed into two separate entities. Misato comes up with a plan to defeat the Alien, involving a simultaneous attack on both sub-Angels. In order to be completely in synch with each other, both Shinji and Asuka must work together and Misato insists that they must also live together. Part of their training consists of choreographed steps to music. There is an interesting attraction forming between the two of them, something that both of them would deny! On the day of the battle, both Shinji and Asuka perform brilliantly together and ultimately defeat the Angel. Afterwards, they are their old selves again, arguing with each other!

Episode Ten: Magmadiver

Asuka flirts with Kaji while he's taking her shopping. She tells him how excited she is to go on her school excursion to Okinawa, (a southerly Japanese Island). When Asuka gets back to NERV, Misato tells her that both Asuka and Shinji are not permitted to go on the excursion, instead they must stay in Tokyo on 'permanent standby'.

An Angel in chrysalis form (looking like a human embryo) is discovered deep within a volcano. It is decided that instead of always being on the defensive with Angels, this was a chance to go on the offensive. Capturing an Angel at this stage of its development would provide NERV with very valuable information. It is agreed that if for any reason they can't capture it, they must destroy it.

Asuka is chosen for the mission. Her EVA is protected from the incredible temperature (and pressure) inside the volcano by a special suit. Asuka must also wear a protective suit inside the EVA, which she doesn't like because it makes her look like a huge sumo-wrestler!

Asuka in her EVA is lowered down into the molten magma and finally locates the Angel. However, as she's bringing it up, it breaks out of its dormant stage and attacks. Eventually, Asuka destroys the Angel, but Shinji has to rescue her.

Episode Eleven: The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still

It was revealed by one of NERV's Commanders that the City Council merely agrees with the decisions arrived at by the 3 Magi super computers, the same computers which NERV uses. There is a major power failure and what little auxiliary power is available, is diverted to power the Magi. Power is vitally important to the ultra-modern Tokyo-3.

So when there is a power failure, there are huge problems not only for the city but also for NERV. When the failure happens, everyone is caught unprepared. For example, Misato and Kaji are embarrassingly caught in a lift together! The shut-down of all electical equipment in the city makes it very difficult for the 3 EVA pilots to make it to NERV headquarters.

During the power failure, Angel #8 (looking like a huge spider) attacks the city. Led by Commander Okari, the Evangelions are prepared manually. Shinji, Asuka and Rei make it to their EVAs just in time and crawl through the launch tube to attack the Angel. The Angel drops acid onto them which is highly corrosive. The three EVAs work together and neutralise the Angel.

Episode Twelve: The Value of a Miracle is...

In a 15 year flashback, to 2000AD, Misato is placed in a capsule by her father which protects her from the Second Impact. Although he was devoted to his work and seemed to ignore his family, he dies while saving his daughter. This hatred of Angels is the reason for Misato joining NERV.

Returning to the current time, Misato is promoted to the position of Major. Shinji's two friends, Suzuhara Touji and Aida Kensuke actually notice the extra stipes on her collar before either Shinji or Asuka. Touji and Kensuke organise a promotion party for Misato.

While the commanders of NERV are at the South Pole (now virtually a Dead Sea) an Angel is detected orbiting the earth. Should it drop down from orbit, it could easily destroy Tokyo-3. Misato, who is in charge, takes a huge risk and sends the 3 Evas out to 'catch' the Angel before it can drop to earth and do its damage. The plan, which had such a small chance of success, actually succeeds in the end.

The commanders praise Misato and Shinji for their actions. The praise from Shinji's father is particularly important to him. In fact, it's seeking this praise that Shinji believes is the reason for him becoming an Eva pilot in the first place.

Episode Thirteeen: Lilliputian Hitcher

While the three EVA pilots were testing their Evangelions, a new Angel invades NERV headquarters. The Evangelions are shut down as this latest Angel, in the form of nano machines takes over the computers. The Angel itself becomes an organic computer, evolving and adapting to hack into the whole facility. Its aim is to destroy the MAGI super computer, using the MAGI's own self-destruct programming. The MAGI is made up of three systems, Melchior, Balthasar and Caspar, and they must all agree before it will destroy itself.

The Angel quickly overruns the Melchior and Balthasar components. Ritsuko, whose mother designed the programme's basic theorems and mainframe, must rewire and re programme Caspar before the Angel can overrun it. Interestingly, the Evangelions are not in a position to help in this battle against the Angel.

It's a frantic race and Ritsuko manages to beat the Angel with only one second to spare. Ritsuko explains that her mother incorporated aspects of her own personality into the computer when she was programming it, and that the different systems related to different aspects of her personality. Casper reflected her role as 'woman' and Ritsuko tells Misato that she never really liked that part of her mother.

Episode Fourteen: Weaving a Story

This episode flashes back to the 3rd Angel attack in the year 2015 and then every Angel attack until the most recent one, the 11th Angel which attacked NERV's computer system. The Human Instrumentality Project Special Conference are examining all the Angel attacks and aren't happy that the 11th Angel attack was earlier than predicted. Were all these attacks alluded to in the Dead Sea Scrolls? Commander Ikari tells them that the 11th Angel didn't intrude into NERV. They remind Ikari that lying to the committee is punishable by death.

Shinji and Rei are cross-training their Evangelions. Despite feeling a little strange, they both have good compatibility with each others' Evangelions. However, when Shinji is piloting EVA 0.0, it goes out of control and tries to break through the protective glass. Misato thinks it was trying to kill Rei. Ritsuko surmises it was trying to kill her. After Shinji gains consciousness, he can't remember a thing about the incident. Meanwhile, according to Ikari and the other commander, Rei continues to handle the mysterious Adam project.

Episode Fifteen: Those women longed for the touch of other's lips, and thus invited their kisses.

Shinji is nervous about visiting his mother's grave with his father because he doesn't know what to talk to his father about. Shinji asks Rei for some advice, as she seems to enjoy chatting with Commander Ikari, but she can't help him. It's been three years since he visited his mother's grave. His father tells him "Burying memories is man's way of surviving".

Misato, Ritsuko and Kaji attend a wedding reception. Afterwards, after Misato has had too many drinks, she tells Kaji that she broke up with him because he reminded her of her father. And that joining NERV to escape such feelings was cowardice. Kaji doesn't want her to continue denigrating herself, so he kisses her. Meanwhile while Misato was out of the apartment, Asuka asks Shinji if he'd like to kiss her. He kisses her and then Asuka runs to the bathroom and washes her mouth out!

The next day, Misato accuses Kaji of being a spy for the Japanese Government, in addition to his work with NERV special inspections. Kaji then takes Misato down to the depths of Dogma and shows her ADAM, the first Angel and the key to the 2nd impact and everything that's happened since. Misato is amazed and shocked.

Episode Sixteen: Splitting of the Beast

The latest Angel, appearing like a huge black and white balloon, floats over the city. In reality, it's actually very thin and only seems spherical. Due to the Angel inverting its AT Field, the shadow of this Angel draws objects into itself, forcing them into another dimension, called the "Sea of Dirac".

The three Evangelion pilots plan their attack on the Angel. Shinji, who scored ahead of Asuka and Rei in the latest sychronisation test, tries to prove himself better than the others and impulsively goes first. He falls into the Angel's shadow and is taken up into the Sea of Dirac. This is like a near death experience where the important things in his life flash before his eyes. He learns that he must confront his inner feelings, even if they aren't pleasant. Finally, Shinji breaks out of the Angel.

Ritsuko asks Commander Ikari, "Are the Evas really on our side or do they hate us?

Episode Seventeen: Fourth Children

During an investigation into the recent Angel attack, Misato won't allow the investigators (including Commander Ikari) to interview Shinji. She says that he is already stressed without having additional stress placed upon him. They want to know things like whether the Angel wanted to make contact with a human. Commander Ikari concludes that he believes the Angels are getting smarter.

A mysterious explosion in Nevada destroys the second arm of NERV, the site of the EVA 0.4 unit. Down-playing the situation, Commander Ikari says "it's of no consequence to us".

In order to activate an EVA without the need for a pilot, a dummy plug has been developed. Nevertheless, a fourth EVA pilot has been found. Misato hesitates to tell Shinji who this new pilot is. Recently, Touji has been acting a little differently, while Kensuke really wants to be the pilot. Asuka discovers who the 4th child is and she's not happy about it at all!

Episode Eighteen: Ambivalence

If it is correct that Touji is the fourth child, then he isn't very excited about it! Shinji still doesn't know who it is.

While Misato is away on a business trip, Kaji is minding Shinji and Asuka. In a quiet moment, Shinji asks Kaji what his father was like. Kaji replies that Commander Fuyutsuki spends more time with Commander Ikari nowadays, besides "people can't understand themselves, let alone other people".

At the Matsushiro Secondary Test Facility, Evangelion Unit 0.3 is undergoing an activation test using the dummy plug. All was seemingly going well, until suddenly the Eva appears to be acting like it's been infiltrated by an Angel and goes out of control. Commander Ikari is in charge and he classifies the Evangelion 0.3, the 13th Angel. Shinji, in his Evangelion is ordered to destroy this latest "Angel' but he simply can't do it knowing there's a 14 year old Evangelion pilot inside. Commander Ikari orders the dummy plug to command Shinji's Evangelion which then ferociously kills and disembowels Evangelion 0.3. It appears however, that the pilot survives.

Episode Nineteen: Introjection

Shinji is very angry at his father for using the dummy plug to destroy Evangelion 0.3 which almost resulted in the death of his friend Touji. Commander Ikari responds that he doesn't have time to waste on a petulant child and orders that the LCL pressure in the entry plug be increased to the maximum level. This quickly quietens Shinji who's inside.

Shinji wakes up in hospital in the bed next to Touji. When Shinji's health returns, he appears before his father, handcuffed. His father, Commander Ikari, tells him he won't tolerate such insubordination. Shinji replies that he's no longer going to pilot an Evangelion, his father accuses him of running away...again. Commander Ikari then orders Rei to be the pilot of Evangelion 0.1, with the dummy plug as the back-up.

Shinji is making his departure at the train station when an emergency evacuation is called; the latest Angel is attacking. Evangelion unit 0.1 is sent out but the Evangelion rejects both Rei and the dummy plug as pilots. Evangelion Unit 0.0 isn't ready and Unit 0.2 (with Asuka as pilot) is quickly and severely damaged by the Angel. Shinji returns to pilot 0.1 but during the battle he runs out of power. With a synch ratio of 400%, the Evangelion, acting by itself, attacks and then eats the Angel. The Evangelion, by taking into itself the Angel, throws off the shackles that enabled NERV to control the Evangelions.

Episode Twenty: Oral Stage

Central Dogma has been partially destroyed by the Angel, causing NERV to relocate to the top of the massive MAGI computers. Meanwhile, Unit 0.1 is restrained but doubts are held as to whether it is completely deactivated. Shinji remains in the plug but amazingly his body and soul has merged with the Evangelion. He has become like the primordial soup, contained within the entry plug.

Ritsuko is in charge of the team who tries to bring him back to this dimension, but initial efforts fail because Shinji doesn't want to come back. In a series of memory flashbacks, Shinji overcomes his internal conflicts and his desire for life and love brings him back to this reality.

Rei is lucky to be alive; Asuka is cranky that Shinji performed better in battle than she did; while Misato and Kaji have a passionate encounter.

Episode Twenty One: He was aware that he was still a child

Without doubt this is one of the most complicated and important episodes in the entire Evangelion series. Through flashbacks, many pieces of the puzzle are put into place. We discover that Professor Fuyutsuki, before the second impact, was appointed as advisor to Commander Ikari (Gendo Robunki as he was known then). Professor Fuyutsuki described Gendo as "a rogue bull on a short tether". Yui, a researcher for SEELE (a secret organisation) married Gendo and subsequently they had a child, Shinji. Gendo took Yui's surname, Ikari. Professor Fuyutsuki suggests that Gendo Ikari has covered up the cause of the second impact. Gendo takes Fuyutsuki to a huge underground cavern where Dr Akagi (Ritsuko's mother) is working on the ultimate biocomputer system, the MAGI.

Ikari and Yui also show Fuyutsuki the Evangelion prototype (0.0), created from Adam and intended as a new genesis for mankind. Yui dies, regardless of whether it was an industrial accident, murder or suicide, Dr Akagi isn't unhappy about her death. Commander Ikari introduces a young girl he is looking after, Rei Ayanami, who looks very similar to Yui, and says she's the child of an acquaintance.

The Instrumentality Committee dissolve GEHIRUN and NERV is formed in its place.

Episode Twenty Two: Don't be.

Asuka didn't have an idyllic childhood. Her mother, a doctor, neglected her and had mental problems. She'd talk to a doll instead of her daughter, saying things like "mankind creates dolls in our own image, if God exists maybe that's how he thinks of us?" Asuka's mother eventually committed suicide.

Despite creating a strong shell psychologically, her past is having an effect on Asuka in the present time. Her synch ratio with her Evangelion is falling. An attacking Angel takes advantage of the situation and starts attacking Asuka through her thought patterns and memories. Asuka is going crazy. Commander Ikari decides to use the Spear of Longinus, which is sticking out of Adam, in the depths of Dogma. Rei hurls the spear into the Angel annihilating it, and putting the spear into lunar orbit. Instead of being grateful, Asuka is upset that Rei saved her, she'd rather have died.

Episode Twenty Three: Rei Ill

Commander Ikari is once again before the Instrumentality Committee. This time he is explaining why he ordered the use of the Lance of Longinus. They are not happy with him for losing it into outer space.

The 16th Angel arrives. It appears like a huge double helix of light in the sky. Rei in EVA Unit 0.0 is attacked by the Angel and it starts invading her. Asuka in Unit 0.2 is launched but her depression and low-self esteem, resulting in a low synch ratio, mean that she's unable to control the EVA. Shinji in EVA 0.1 is then taken out of cryostasis and sent to assist Rei. Rei inverts her AT Field, destroying the Angel and her EVA, before total biofusion can take place. Importantly, her action saves Shinji and as it turns out, herself.

Ritsuko shows Misato and Shinji a huge underground graveyard for dumping the remains of old EVAs. Ritsuko reveals that mankind in wanting to create God through technology arrived at ADAM. From ADAM came the EVAs, which are God-like / Human entities which require a soul. Even more extraordinary, is her revelation that Rei is the outcome of genetic engineering and there, in the laboratory, is a vast tank of 'Reis'. Ritsuko goes on to explain that all the dummy plugs are in fact Rei. In self-loathing, Ritsuko destroys the tank. Misato says to herself "What is this curse that consumes people that come into contact with EVA?"

Episode Twenty Four:
The Beginning and the End, or "Knocking on Heaven's Door"

The NERV's Security Service find Asuka and take her into 'protective custody'. She is very depressed. SEELE sends over her replacement (the 5th Child) a boy named Kaworu Nagisa. The perfect timing of her ready replacement makes Misato suspicious.

Kaworu says to Rei "You're the same as me" even more surprising, he says to Shinji "I love you". The enigmatic Kaworu has the amazing ability to set his synch ratio with the EVA at whatever level he chooses. The truth is even worse than even Misato could have imagined. Kaworu is an Angel. He tells Shinji that because Unit 0.2's soul is in hiding, Kaworu can take complete control of the EVA. He also explains that the AT Field is really the light of the soul and it encloses every mind that exists. He aims to return to ADAM and destroy all of humanity.

Shinji tries to stop him, which because of his affection for Kaworu is difficult for him. At the last moment, Kaworu has second thoughts and decides not to return to his originator and begs Shinji to kill him, resulting in the survival of the entire human race. A long period passes before Shinji acts, and kills Kaworu.

Episode Twenty Five: Do You Love Me.

This, the penultimate episode in the series, is an amazing look inside Shinji's mind. It's filled with his fears, anger, self-doubt and most recently, his remorse at having killed Kaworu. This complex philosophical and psychoanalytic analysis of Shinji's motivations and desires takes place through flashbacks, titles, questions, and responses. Misato, Asuka, and Rei are similarly examined, though the ambiguity is that this too may be fermenting within Shinji's mind.

Episode Twenty Six: Take Care of Yourself.

The final episode in the series begins in 2016 and continues in a similar style to the previous episode with Shinji trying to come to terms with rejection, failure, childhood desertion, and hatred. Through a series of montages, an existential questioning of Shinji's identity ensues. Shinji's image of himself includes all the images of him contained within the minds of all the people who know him. Is his image of himself any more real than the image that they have of him?

Asuka wakes Shinji up out of a deep sleep and it's obvious that he had been dreaming and Asuka and Shinji are running late for school.

It becomes apparent that this too is yet another possible reality. And there are limitless possible realities. Realising that he has the power to create his own reality, Shinji changes his image of himself from self-hatred to one of self-love. Is this the end? Or is there more of the story yet to be told?